Survival Skills Necessary in 21st Century

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November 15th, 2011

The world is becoming an increasingly crowded and interactive place. As the world’s population continues to grow, advances in technology continue to find ways for people all over the world to communicate. This makes the world seem like a smaller place and requires people to learn new survival skills for the 21st century.

It can seem like a novelty that people from all corners of the globe can communicate with each other and exchange information. But in important areas such as commerce, medicine and law enforcement, the ability to communicate on a global scale has helped to save lives, create jobs and offer opportunities to people that had not been available in the past.

As cultural barriers get broken down and more people are relying on technology, you need to start building up survival skills that will help keep up with our rapidly changing society. It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the invasive need for information, and that is causing a lot of people to have to adjust the way they approach life.


Everything in our world is changing. From our home life to the workplace, our increasingly diverse society is bringing together people from different cultures. Anyone who wants to be successful in the new global workplace needs to be able to adapt to working with and benefiting from other cultures.

But adapting in the 21st century does not just mean becoming tolerant of others’ beliefs and cultures. It also means being able to adjust to the rapidly changing face of technology. The Internet is a powerful communication medium that is constantly changing, and social networking is at the heart of it.

The ability to shift with the changes in social networking is important for private individuals as well as businesses. The newest platform that everyone uses to communicate could change in six months or less. If people want to stay in touch, and businesses want to maintain contact with clients, then we all need to adapt to the changes.

Don’t forget the constant changes in computer and mobile communication technology as well. If you want to use the newest handheld computing marvel, then you need to spend time adapting to how it works.


As communication and travel make people more accessible to each other, the idea of a global workplace becomes more of a reality. Video conferencing, overnight deliveries and jet travel have made it easier for people to work together on creating new ideas. That means that everyone needs to start adjusting to a more collaborative world.

But there is more to it than just working with other people to generate your information. Because collaboration is so easy to do, individuals are finding it increasingly necessary to collaborate with others to gain credibility. A more global attitude means that everyone needs to get used to collaborating with others to gain respectability and credibility.

Problem Solving

Have you noticed that your local radio station has almost completely stopped using trivia questions as a way to give away prizes? That is because the process of problem solving has changed completely in the 21st century. People can now find the answer to a trivia question within seconds thanks to the Internet. It has changed how people view the complexity of many things.

But have you also noticed that the radio station trivia question has been replaced with giving prizes to the person who is able to be the 10th caller? That has been the challenge that problem solving has offered us as a society. Just because we can access the answers quickly does not mean we are any smarter.

If you want to survive in the 21st century, then you need to understand the question as well as being able to solve the problem. The survival skill of being able to find credible solutions to problems is difficult to master when there are so many sources of information to choose from.


People underestimate the value of patience as a 21st century survival skill until they stop and realize how many contacts they make with others in the course of a day. Between phone calls, workplace contacts, Internet contacts and personal contacts, there are a lot of people to deal with in the course of a day.

But the added layer of Internet contact has created the need for even more patience. As the home computer becomes the central point of family life, the challenges of protecting the home computer become stressful.

The home computer holds important financial information, personal information and is the primary way that many people shop. Internet hackers, spyware, viruses and spam email all add stress to a person’s life. Developing patience helps people survive the added stress that an expanding Internet can cause.

Media Filter

Who is lying to us? Who is telling us the truth? It is an accurate statement to say that the truth is out there for us to find. As one of the more important 21st century survival skills, we all need to develop an effective media filter.

Because the 24-hour news networks and Internet blogs all need something new to keep people interested, the average person is now given several points of view on the same subject. The truth can often get buried in cleverly crafted lies that are designed to get you to think in a certain way. People who are surviving the 21st century are the ones that know how to look through the lies and find the truth.

Thick Skin

Are things really worse now than they were 50 years ago, or are we just exposed to more information these days? Every time you turn on the television you are shown images of violence in some part of the world or you have to endure the political bickering that can create sharp divides within our country.

If a person in the 21st century wants to learn about what is going on in the world, he first has to develop the thick skin necessary to get past all of the violence, political propaganda and bad news that exist today.

The expansion of the Internet and the existence of the 24-hour television news networks have made it difficult to find reliable information in the 21st century. As the world starts to feel like a smaller place, we all must develop a new set of survival skills that will help us to get on with our lives in this day and age of expanding technology and divisive propaganda.


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