50 Useful Resources for Students With an iPad

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July 27th, 2010

One of Apple’s newest toys is being recognized for its application in educational settings. With thousands of apps, incredible portability and ease of use, the iPad makes a great solution for college students looking for a mobile device to use at school. Here’s a collection of articles, apps, and more that will help students make the most of the iPad.

Should You Get an iPad?

If you’re considering an iPad for school, explore your options with these posts.

  1. College Students Talk Pros and Cons of the Apple iPad: You’ll see the pros and cons of the Apple iPad in this post.
  2. Who Would Buy the iPad? College Students: Read this article about why college students should snap up the iPad.
  3. iPad Problems: This post discusses iPad users’ biggest complaints.
  4. Apple’s iPad Perfect for College Students: Carly Hart writes about why college students should be targeted for the iPad.
  5. Can the iPad Go to College?: Read Write Web thinks about whether college students should consider buying an iPad instead of a netbook or notebook.
  6. Common Concerns About the iPad’s Use in Education: Consider some of the problems with the iPad in education through this post.
  7. Why Apple’s iPad is a Great Tool for Students: Take a look at apps, convenience, and more to see why Apple’s iPad is great for students.
  8. Apple iPad Student Discount: This post thinks that there might be a back to school discount for the iPad.
  9. An iPad Should be Mandatory in Medical School: Check out this article to see why the iPad could revolutionize how medical students learn.
  10. First Look at the iPad for eLearning: Read this post to find out about the iPad for eLearning.
  11. Apple iPad Could be an A+ for Schools: This post explains why the Apple iPad can be great for schools.
  12. Pros and Cons of the iPad in Education: See the real-world pluses and minuses of the iPad from a college student’s perspective.


Read these posts to find iPad education guides and more.

  1. Apple iPad: The Definitive Guide (So Far): Engadget offers an in-depth iPad guide.
  2. Super Duper Guide to iPad: This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the iPad.
  3. Your Guide to Watching Videos on the iPad: Gizmodo has a guide to watching videos-educational or not-on the iPad.
  4. 10 Hottest iPad Accessories: These are some of the best accessories you can buy for the iPad.
  5. The Ultimate Guide to e-Learning via the iPad: Find apps, implementations, and more for the iPad in this guide.


Consider the iPad’s educational uses with these posts.

  1. Should You Really Get Your College Books on Your iPad?: Find out why the iPad might be great for college books.
  2. iPad for School: Read this post to see some of the many things you can do with the iPad at school.
  3. Apple iPad and iBookstore: This post explains why the iPad could be a great marriage for colleges and the publishing industry.
  4. iPad for Education Revisited: This blog takes a look at how you can use the iPad for education.
  5. The iPad Will Change Education Forever: Steve Cheney explains why the iPad is revolutionary for education.
  6. iPad for Education: Early Impressions: Here are some of the ways the iPad can be used for education.
  7. Should You Buy College Books on the iPad?: This article considers whether or not you should buy college books on the iPad.


These are just a handful of the great educational apps available on the iPad.

  1. Geo Walk HD: Explore facts and areas using Geo Walk HD.
  2. Outliner for iPad: Organize your thoughts, make a to-do list, and more with Outliner.
  3. iThesaurus: Access more than 140,000 different words on the iPad on iThesaurus.
  4. iBooks: Find literature classics, educational materials, and more on iBooks.
  5. Flash My Brain: Make or download cards that can be flashed for studying.
  6. TED: The TED app has inspirational talks for education and more.
  7. Pages: Pages offers a very powerful word processing app for a mobile device.
  8. Rate My Professors: Make sure you’re picking the best professors with the help of Rate My Professors.
  9. College Guide for iPad: The College Guide has information for over 3,000 colleges and universities.
  10. Numbers: Numbers offers spreadsheet functionality for the iPad.
  11. Gametender iPad Edition: This app offers many different drinking games to play at college parties.
  12. Instapaper: Instapaper allows you to save articles offline to read later.
  13. Dictionary: You’ll find an inventory of almost 1 million words with the Dictionary app.
  14. iSource APA: Plug in your source information, and this app will spit out an entry for your bibliography.
  15. Evernote: Evernote for the iPad can help you keep your notes and tasks together.
  16. WolframAlpha: This search engine app caters to researchers and can be great for campus research teams.
  17. iSource MLA: Get help with the common MLA citation using this app.
  18. iStudiezPro: Use this organizer to get reminders of when work is due and take a look at all of your current projects.

App Collections

Find great collections of educational iPad apps here.

  1. iPad Apps for Education: Katie Stansberry takes a look at some excellent apps for education.
  2. Gizmodo’s Essential iPad Apps: These are the best of the iPad apps for education and more.
  3. Educational Apps for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone: Here you’ll see a great variety of apps for the iPad and beyond.
  4. Top iPad Apps for College Students: These are the top 10 apps of mostly free apps that are good for the college environment.
  5. Five iPad Apps to Consider on Your First Day of Ownership: Although not specifically for education, these apps are great for any iPad owner.
  6. Top iPad Apps for College Students: This post discusses free and paid iPad apps for college students.
  7. 10 Best iPad Apps for College Students: These are US News & World Report’s top picks for college iPad apps.
  8. 8 Must Have iPad Apps for College Students: These apps offer help with everything from studying to partying.

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